Notary Office Sharabanski performs all kinds of notarial services, as regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Certification activity:

Certification of signatures, content and date of:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Powers of Attorney including rights of administration and disposal of property
  • Declarations
  • Contracts regarding transfer of motor vehicles, division, partition, rent, loan, company shares, order, works, etc.

Confirming the accuracy of transcripts of documents:

Issuance and certification of notarial deeds regarding real estate deals, including:

  • Sale
  • Replacement
  • Donation
  • Transfer against alimony and care
  • Contractual and legal mortgage
  • Establishment of a right to build
  • Establishment of a right to use
  • Establishment of a right to pass, etc.

Issuing notarial deeds of ascertainment, based on presented documents certifying the ownership right.

Making a circumstantial inspection in case of lack of a title and proven possession.

Accepting handwritten last wills and testaments, documents and papers for storage in the notary office.

Declaring and issuing a transcript of handwritten last wills and testaments, as well as issuing notarial wills.

Issuing deeds for cancellation of notarial and handwritten last wills and testaments.

Delivery of notarial invitations.

Issuing statements of findings for appearance or non-appearance of persons in front of the notary and ascertaining their statements, including regarding the content of internet pages.

Other types of actions:

  • Intermediation for clarification of the parties’ will
  • Consultations
  • Providing customers with information based on the notarial registers
  • Working out and examining drafts of documents related to the notarial activity.

The notarial fees are fixed in the Tariff for Notarial Fees within the Notaries and Notarial Activities Act and are calculated according to a table.