Notary Office Sharabanski


Notary Office Sharabanski is open since 09.09.1998 under the charge of Notary Ognyan Sharabanski entered in the register of the Notary Chamber with No. 147 to act in and for the area of Regional Court of Varna.

Lead by striving for protection of ownership rights, for exercising citizen’s legal rights and protecting their legal interests, the team of Notary Office Sharabanski offers responsibility, professionalism and transparency, aiming at and contributing to establishment and earning more and more public trust in the notarial activities.

Carefully analyzing the notarial procedures and our client’s needs and in view of providing most quick and qualitative service, we, the team of Notary Office Sharabanski, attentively listen to your wishes and do our best to maintain high level of notarial services in the city of Varna.

Over the years, Notary Office Sharabanski has considerably improved its service functionality and promptness, keeping and upgrading its team.