Notary Production

A formal procedure shall be followed upon performing a deal, and namely:

  • The parties present themselves in person in the notary office or present a notarized power of attorney issued by the parties not appearing in person.
  • Signing an application to the notary and declarations pursuant to art. 264, par. 1 of the Tax and Social Security Procedure Code and art. 25, par. 8 of the Notaries and Notarial Activities Act /in case of empowering, the attorney must present the respective notarized declarations/.
  • Reading the notarial deed to the parties and their oral confirmation that the draft content for a notarial deed corresponded to their will.
  • Signing in person and writing full name without abbreviations on all copies of the notarial deed.
  • Paying a notarial fee, local tax and registration fee.

In case that participants in the notary production do not speak Bulgarian, translator’s services must be used. (A translator may be appointed by the notary too.)

In case that participants in the notary production are deaf, dumb or deaf-and-dumb, interpreter’s services must be used.

The notary has access to the Registry Agency and is able to download a summary of information about encumbrances (bans, mortgages), as well as to check who is the real owner of the real estate and who were its previous owners (to retrace the real estate history).